Terms of Service

  • Search Engine Optimization and Internet Product search is key for all business success. Any attempt by any company or individual to lower or hide the domain or search results of http://www.lowmr.com or any part of the for sale page, any pages, any of Sphereworth’s domains, or website will face strict legal action with an immediate demand letter and notification to authorities such as the Federal Trade Commission and more. Not only will we file a demand letter, but we also will attempt to have a judge shut down that business regardless of the size of employees due to the illegal discriminatory act.
  • Our company owns a large amount of .com domains. We own these with a free and clear title. Any attempt by another domain service, company, or individual to attack or steal our domains or domain ideas will face strict legal action. We are legally allowed to sell these domains and payments will be made via Bank Wire Transfer only to our Bank of America Business account. We believe there needs to be more regulation and investigation into many new domain endings as it could possibly be affecting the value of all domains by creating more supply. The domain is the most valuable asset to the business.
  • We legally purchase from businesses such as storage auction lien sales from Storage facilities which are licensed business. Once we purchase from that State Lien Sale from the licensed storage facility, that product is our companies property as we paid for it. The best thing any individual or business storing property inside of a storage facility can do is make sure to keep there fees current and up to date. There is insurance for business property. If your business or individual property has been stolen, that is why there is Business and Personal Insurance. If you had your business property stolen, it is up to the insurance company to reimburse you for the stolen product. There is nothing our company can do or will do to locate an individuals or businesses product.
  • We purchase from City, State, Police, Fire, Medical, College, School and other auctions. We purchase from State Lien Storage Auctions. We also purchase from Estate Sales. We do not purchase from Craigslist, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace, or any other local marketplace. We choose this route to hold the company we purchase from liable.
  • We do not purchase any product that is 2019 or newer due to the amount of looting that has taken place over the past three years.
  • At the current moment, we will not be selling trading cards, 2019 and newer video games, toilet paper, masks, or hand sanitizer. All management and employees of Sphereworth have a clean record with zero criminal history.
  • No Limit LLC DBA Sphereworth reserves the right to cancel any transaction for any reason. By purchasing from Sphereworth, you authorize our company to perform a background check if we see fit for the companies and employees protection.
  • Any direct eBay employee or executive is strictly prohibited from purchasing from our company. That included the employees and executives family member, friends, or anyone they know or associate with.